Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-04-2009

  • 00:16:35: Pun Dungeon: Bad Jokes http://bit.ly/1VmRZg
  • 00:24:47: Faith isn't as agile as the Prince of Persia, but at least what she does is more realistic, I bet some "parkourists" can do what Faith does!
  • 00:43:00: I've switched from TweetDeck to Seesmic Desktop, so far, it's the same only it works?
  • 00:59:54: Seesmic doesn't let you clear tweets you've already seen? Dang! I guess TweetDeck IS better.. except it's not working... Hmm..... :|
  • 06:59:19: Jaroo, the Hulu of old and/or cr*ppy cartoons.... And non Americans can watch it? BEST SITE EVER! <3 http://www.jaroo.com/
  • 11:15:44: @reneengstrom As a Spaniard I must curl into a fetal position, convulse and cry at the mention of.... *shudder* The Macarena... T^T
  • 11:25:48: I'm pretty sure The Dreamer is cheating in the WCRCA's.... It can't be THAT amazing! http://bit.ly/1PWmxA
  • 15:35:20: Hmm, was I even born when songs went "shooby dooby shooby dooby whoa whoa"? XP
  • 17:38:33: @askseesmic What I want to do is simply clear the tweets I've already read?
  • 21:47:11: @nedroid RESPONSABILITY! WOOOHOOO! YEAH!
  • 23:13:41: @reneengstrom Good luck! *hugs* <3

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