Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-03-2009

  • 00:04:10: RT @studiojfish: Uh oh, I'm about to go bankrupt! Please help support comics and art from my studio at my Etsy http://bit.ly/3mh0tZ
  • 00:04:44: Pun Dungeon: Restless Spirit http://bit.ly/3rnsPo
  • 07:04:47: I dreamed I was in a Castlevania like game where I had to rescue a girl they were infusing with black magic.... #dream
  • 07:08:38: ... When I found her I complained I never fought any bosses to rescue her... She summoned one.... And then my alarm clock rang! XP #dream
  • 07:33:34: TweetDeck has stopped working... Maybe I should switch to something better? D:
  • 11:09:35: @reneengstrom Maybe it is a villain?
  • 11:38:36: What the?! Hideo Kojima is judging a Twilight fanart contest?! http://bit.ly/9KOBF
  • 13:27:59: Good Lord! When I eat taffy I make "rated mature" sounds! XD
  • 14:31:31: Apparently there is a new gaming keyboard from Logitech with a color LCD screen... Remember how it went for the G15? Almost no games used it
  • 14:34:59: I wonder if Mirror's Edge is probably the only game where people are HAPPY that there is no final boss? Hmm, would that be a spoiler? :|
  • 17:16:03: @MykalWane I don't do time trails... I don't doing timed events or anything like that... :|
  • 17:35:53: If this is real this guy is pretty damn lucky! http://bit.ly/3TCmH0
  • 17:38:31: @starlinex I've love to meet you at a con.. But I doubt I could afford an US one anything soon... T^T
  • 21:43:48: If China does become the world leading economical power does this mean we'll all have to learn Chinese soon? :|
  • 21:44:18: Am I the only having TweetDeck not working properly?
  • 22:20:05: I have no idea what's going on here... but I want this game! http://bit.ly/2Jpuui
  • 22:50:06: What other Twitter alternatives are there to TweetDeck on PC? It seems to failing a lot lately... :|

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