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Battling the Backlog: Brutal Backlog Battle by Torchlight

Yeah, I know I post this on Monday, but I started Mirror's Edge and thought I might as well finish it before making this post....

Last week was weird because I played THREE new games in a row! What are the chances of that? For me? Unlikely! I always buy my games when they go on sale or if they are simply dirt cheap on their release date!

My first game was Brutal Legend... Frankly I don't know why so many people where upset about the RTS thing, I wasn't paying that much attention so I wouldn't be overhyped and I knew it was an RTS game...

I must confess I am not very "metal" as I only recognized Ozzy in the game, but I soon got into the heavy metal world and into the music... The game practically forces you to like the music since the game is pretty silent unless you are driving your car...

I must confess I'm not much of a musical person at all! As a matter of fact I had to turn down the difficulty not because of RTS, but because the Fan Tribute is too much for me... On Gentle you can miss half the notes and the game still considers it valid!

And... I'm kinda new to RTS.. the closet thing I've played to an RTS game are Pikmin and Overlord, which are the perfect kind of games to get you ready for Brutal Legend, specially Overload!

If I wasn't new to RTS I would just lead my troops into battle and lose... You have to get into the fray and play solos, double team with your troops...

My main complain is the map... The game asks you to find several hidden items, which is OK, but there are just too many to keep track of and the game should tell me what I've already done I only missed a buried metal piece and a jump, but I'd hate to be the poor soul who missed a dragon statue!

The world is pretty amazing, I assume everything is metal inspired and you could basically take any screenshot from the game world and use it a heavy metal cover and the only thing that really got repetitive was the ambush missions... Thank God they are short!

The story is pretty great... except for the ending....

Eddie find a legend that tells him who he really is, which is basically the same thing the big bad tells him near the end... except Eddie only reacts to this information when somebody tells him about it. It really bothered me that Eddie was unfazed by finding out he had made a terrible mistake until the plot required him to...

And the ending itself was kinda silly... Ophelia was in the Sea of Black Tears for THREE MONTHS and not only is she STILL ALIVE but she didn't even prune a bit! WHAAA!?!

And how can we believe that Eddie didn't get any reward for saving the world? He was the son of a legendary hero and a the empress of demons... He started the rebellion, he did all the dirty work, yet we're supposed to believe that since he's a roadie his efforts went unnoticed?

Yeah, right! There Eddie goes riding a huge Hextadon summoning a fiery blimp and making faces melt! If that isn't the definition of stealth I don't what is! ¬_¬

And the ending is WAY too open ended... Schafer usually doesn't ending games like this... Maybe Jack Black said he wouldn't work on the game unless there was a sequel?
*End of spoilers*

The game was pretty amazing, and yet... It's not Schafer's best.. I wonder if it's EA's fault, Jack Black's fault or maybe actually Schafer's fault?

Torchlight is Diablo with a must faster pace... and it's pure crack! The look never stops to drop, the next level is always around the corner, the scenario changes before you get bored of it... it's SOOO addictive!  And as someone with a huge backlog, I just have to love a RPG that can be beat in 10-20 hours!

I don't remember Diablo that well.. I didn't even beat it but I know the pet is new! It can go to town to sell your items so you won't have to leave the dungeon every five minutes to sell your loot... Instead you'll leave every ten minutes to buy new identify scrolls... ¬_¬

Still, it's nice to have a companion around, specially since you can teach it spell! I gave mine the ability to summon zombies and skeletons! A necromancer puppy! Beat that, Molyneux!

I played as the Alchemist, which is magic user of the game and I just loved the spells in the game, they are pretty effective, but sometimes you can aim them at areas you can't reach yet, which can make things too easy since you can kill enemies that can't fight back.. I guess the game needed an extra layer of polish? I did notice a few things here and there that could do with fixing, but the never ending search for look made me forget about them quick!

If there is one thing this game does is that it makes you a greedy bastard!

I can't really say much more... It's addictive, it's fun... it's cheap.. I see no reason not to get this game!

The latest Tales of Monkey Island was my favorite and yet... I can't say a word with out spoiling the game, and I really mean it! This game has things that will either blow your mind or make you very angry! I spend most of the game dazed by all the things I had discovered... Let's just say that after you play it you'll wish you didn't have to wait for the final chapter!

And of course the reason this got delayed... Mirror's Edge... I had only played the demo and didn't see what the fuss was about.. I only got it because it was dirt cheap!

But I soon knew why people loved AND hated this game so much... When you get things right and it flows perfectly it's amazing! And when you're being chased by the cops it's exciting to run for your life... until the game FORCES you to fight!

In many rooms you'll encounter MANY heavily armed enemies, in most of them you can dodge and avoid them even if they have machine guys you CAN simply avoid them, but sometimes the game makes up some excuse that forces you to fight... and it's not much fun... Specially if you don't want to kill anybody, which is weird since sometimes you punch people over a building where they plummet to their death and yet the game still considers you a pacifist!

The cutscenes are weird, the style doesn't match that of the game and I could swear that some characters look weird in the cutscenes... and yet the animation seemed rather fluid and stylized.

While I did enjoy the game I hope the sequel has less enemies or that it doesn't force you to fight them if you don't want to...

The tutorial could have been better too... Some of the moves I needed near the end I didn't know I could do until I saw someone on YouTube do it!

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