Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-01-2009

  • 10:41:26: @dcorsetto Am I supposed to recognize you are is it just a sexy hobo costume? :3
  • 15:17:51: It looks like I'm close to the ending of Torchlight... It's pure crack I almost don't notice the minor flaws!
  • 15:49:57: I must be close to the end of Torchlight every item drop I get has "Epic" in front of it! XD
  • 17:59:41: Now that I'm done with Torchlight it's time for Tales of Monkey Island! :3
  • 18:09:58: @goraina Awww.... How adorable! Wait!? Is that my perler art on the wall? What an honor! *glomp* <3
  • 19:03:19: For some strange reason.... I can't play the latest Tales of Monkey Island...
  • 23:06:19: I just beat the latest Tales of Monkey Island.... It broke my brain with it awesomeness.!I can't think of what to say without spoiling it!
  • 23:13:42: I just realized that I played three NEW games this week! For me, that's pretty rare!
  • 23:35:22: @Kathleen_LRR Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

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