Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-31-2009

  • 00:34:29: Octoberween Special #20 http://bit.ly/3C4ybI
  • 00:35:00: @jessiawesome Don't forget to take photos! <3
  • 07:05:18: Happy Halloween! BOOOOO! <3
  • 07:43:31: There is a ridiculous amount of Halloween themed game for the i-Phone, 90% of them have zombies in them!
  • 11:48:10: Hmm... how many times will I hear the Willhelm scream while watching horror and b movies today?
  • 11:51:09: I'm watching Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island now.... What?! It's Scooby's best film! D:
  • 12:22:33: I'm watching horror movies by "Torchlight"! ;P
  • 14:08:55: @passive_mission Everything in that pic is awesomely adorable! <3
  • 19:38:35: @dcorsetto It is? We had it last week... which means.... Hey! I guess I'll be able to watch the streams after all! 8D
  • 19:39:27: I'm this close to a sugar coma..... Or is it a sugar meltdown? I dunno... XP
  • 20:53:17: How do you desummon in Torchlight? D:
  • 22:47:50: @starlinex Oh, I remember this video! Aww... It's a shame, but I'm sure there are last minute costume ideas on the web?

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