Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-30-2009

  • 10:00:54: @dcorsetto Awww..... It started 10 minutes before I had to go to work... T^T
  • 10:01:19: @poisonrational What?! And I missed it? NOOO! T^T
  • 10:09:35: I have to go to a hospital for a stupid test, "just to safe"... But since I live in a Socialist country I don't have to pay for the test! ;P
  • 10:15:23: @poisonrational I only visited her at two cons... Unless you count the airport thing... I wish I could visit it her more... :(
  • 10:16:20: RT @poisonrational: My #comics #auctions end in less than 24hrs! http://tinyurl.com/ykcyzuz #sip #pennyarcade #forsale #peanuts Plz RT
  • 10:19:47: @dcorsetto Sweet! <3 Too bad I always leave to work at that hour... I was only able to see it for ten minutes... Oh well... :(
  • 11:30:06: @dcorsetto At least they didn't dress up as the "goosh goosh", which makes 2G1C look tame... XP
  • 11:44:17: "If a roadie does his job well, nobody know he's there." Sure, Eddie! I bet nobody noticed that giant fiery blimp you summoned! ;P
  • 11:45:58: The ending of Brütal Legend confuzzles me...But I can't say anything without spoiling it... ):
  • 15:16:16: I'm back from the test... For some reason I'm extremely tired.. All they did was pop me in a giant tube and blast me with Atari sounds... XP
  • 15:26:51: Left 4 Bed 2! (NSFW audio!) http://bit.ly/1e5O5j
  • 15:30:20: After lunch, I'm finally giving Torchlight a go! :3
  • 16:52:41: I wish there was a way to get your pet in Torchlight to buy identify scrolls...
  • 17:28:59: I just thought my dog to summon zombies in Torchlight.... I think I love this game! <3
  • 19:55:11: Torchlight brings out the greedy bastard in you... You always want more and more!.. It's like crack... or candy! <3
  • 20:15:52: RT @starlinex: 3 hrs left on this Candi ACEO Card set! http://bit.ly/37JyWT
  • 20:19:21: Apparently that dizziness spell I got from that medical scan? It could last a few days... :|
  • 20:31:13: @dcorsetto Oooh! I didn't know Twitter had lists now! Cool beans! X3
  • 22:35:53: #treat
  • 22:41:38: @Paradisacorbasi It didn't work for me either!
  • 23:17:40: Kohina time! http://bit.ly/qG4ty
  • 23:18:11: @irishgirl982 Congratulations! <3
  • 23:40:36: What a strange spam(?) email, it says it read my profile at a gamer site and wants to be friends with me and wants to send me "photos"...
  • 23:47:48: @MykalWane I'll probably make a post about what I think happened in Brutal Legend?

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