Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-28-2009

  • 00:09:32: @Lizzlizz http://bit.ly/Wta59
  • 00:14:50: @Lizzlizz It's pretty cringe worthy (in horror, not quality)... Be prepared
  • 00:53:25: Octoberween Special #17 http://bit.ly/4l1JSb
  • 06:57:49: The news is talking about Brutal Legend! They are interviewing Schafer! 8D
  • 07:02:20: Oh GOD! Eddie's voice in Spanish sounds awful! Santiago Segura doesn't sound ANYTHING like Jack Black! Thank God I play the English version!
  • 07:13:42: Just how many secondary missions are there in Brutal Legend? It looks like you unlock a ton each time you uncover a new unit! XP
  • 11:41:31: @ChunLievable Not me... I'm the worst rhythm game player ever! T^T
  • 12:42:34: @ryanestrada I'm so boring.. I can only think of "doubling down" some local food... http://bit.ly/1MIFRe
  • 13:51:10: Romance of the Three Kingdoms Touch (from Koei) is on the i-Phone! I wonder if we'll Dynasty Warriors Touch soon too?
  • 15:17:55: @jim_sterling Did you know Koei released Romance of the Three Kingdoms for the iPhone today? http://bit.ly/4bUzuk
  • 15:43:54: Is it ironic that a game called "Save our Souls" crashes when you try to save the game? :|
  • 16:12:41: No wonder my hard drive was getting full... iTunes wasn't deleting all the files it told me it did! D:
  • 16:42:41: @onimonster Maybe they did? These files are old and might be from before the fix?
  • 19:14:18: I just saw a nipple fountain in Brutal Legend! 8O
  • 19:14:40: @Paradisacorbasi Not the wave thing?
  • 21:15:32: @ChunLievable I can only manage if the rhythm is as "slow" as a QTE, I couldn't even beat the training stage of Rhythm Heaven... T^T

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