Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-27-2009

  • 00:10:48: Octoberween Special #16 http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2463
  • 07:10:22: Remember that comic that copied my puns a few time, but then stopped? Well, now it stole my Halloween costume idea... Or maybe I'm paranoid?
  • 07:20:06: I mean, the main character is wearing the same costume as my main character, except it feels so wrong on his character...
  • 07:25:37: Yeah, yeah, I know I can't really complain about the costume copy, but since this is their first update in ages, it doesn't bode well...
  • 12:06:03: @Iron_Spike Because if you have to explain it's original, it probably isn't?
  • 12:07:09: Wait... The Koopa Kids are coming back? HUZZAH! <3
  • 15:01:47: In Brutal Legend even the spiders are metal! So far, I'm loving the game, I only wish the map told me things I already unlocked.
  • 15:30:04: @MykalWane Sweet! I'm so printing that map now!
  • 18:37:58: What does "Clambake" mean? They scream it both in Brutal Legend AND Full Throttle! Does it have to do with crashing?
  • 20:18:27: @danihana Hmm, that doesn't seem to make sense in this case.... :(
  • 20:32:20: @aedavis So it's a fake swearword? I guess that makes sense! Thanks! <3
  • 21:45:53: @jessiawesome If it's the same link, then yes it's annoying. But if it's a time sensitive thing like an eBay sale or a contest I'll allow it
  • 21:58:59: Perverted TV Host Monkey?! http://bit.ly/4Altc
  • 22:35:59: So this time the Steam sale is Stalker and The Witcher... Are they any good? Is The Witcher that horrid one or was it Two Worlds? :|
  • 22:38:54: And here's another Halloweeny funny song! "When this song is over you will die" http://bit.ly/1VGfkR
  • 23:14:39: RT @poisonrational: Just posted a bunch of comics for auction: http://tinyurl.com/ykcyzuz #sip #auctions #forsale #peanuts Please RT
  • 23:18:54: @reneengstrom My next invite will be invite only! ;P

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