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The transporter strike in Spain is more serious than I thought, some areas of Spain already have run out of fresh products...

We have enough beef for the week, but not enough pork, let's hope the strike is over soon...

My mother went shopping and bought some jeans for me, I was going to buy them myself, but I had a busy day...

She spent almost 200€ on clothes, that I have to pay for! GAH!!!

Even with the money I made on Ebay and other stuff it's still VERY steep!

She's already washed them and for some reason torn off the leather tag in the back! I don't think I can get my money back...

There goes my budget for the month!

I already have everything ready for the pendant I was planning, I hope I can still afford it....

I was also planning to get a new watch, I hate the one I have now, this one and this one look pretty cool...

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