Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-26-2009

  • 00:06:51: Kitchen Kaos 139: Fruitless Endeavour http://bit.ly/235B2f
  • 01:16:31: The ending to the new Bionic Commando is confusing.... If Spencer's wife fate is what I think it is... It's kinda hilarious? :|
  • 07:39:20: @jessiawesome "Members Only"? Brilliant! XD
  • 08:02:38: My first site was just a bunch of photos of my game collection... There wasn't even any text! #RIPgeocities
  • 12:06:57: @IdleThumbs Wait, what? Torchlight has just become 1000% more awesome!
  • 15:25:01: Guess whose still waiting for their copy of Brutal Legend to arrive? T^T
  • 17:50:21: Sites like GamersHell scan their files for viruses, right? AVG is giving a warning about a "Runtime Pack Unpack" from one of their files...
  • 17:51:28: AVG is sometimes TOO protective.... It's targeted many of the indie games I play as viruses and I don't know who to believe... ):
  • 21:29:10: It looks like my copy of Brutal Legend arrived after all! Is it true I will worship "The Satan" by listening to it's music? :3
  • 21:42:26: Look who's on YouTube carving pumpkins! BORK! BORK! BORK! http://bit.ly/3LgIyj
  • 22:06:01: @dcorsetto I hope she recovers soon! D:
  • 22:55:53: Halloweeny music video! "In Out Haunted House" (Just listen to the music if you hate AMV) http://bit.ly/2f0yPG
  • 23:03:09: This Halloweeny video is actually made by the author! Vampire Surprise! http://bit.ly/4D4LX
  • 23:22:54: Wait, they are SELLING a Garfield minus Garfiled book? Is that even legal?
  • 23:24:22: Do howls go as onomatopoeias or in word balloons?
  • 23:25:13: @bytejacker HEY! LISTEN!
  • 23:31:18: @kingofsnake13 O.K.! Thanks! :3
  • 23:47:49: @whirringblender Is it true Gordon's cuteness can deflect not only bullets, but also Chuck Norris? :3

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