Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-25-2009

  • 00:02:37: I'm halfway through the new Bionic Commando... once again I fail to see why people hate it... You guys are so spoiled! D:<
  • 09:56:09: My brain is confuzzled by the Daylight Savings hour change...
  • 10:12:14: @WritingDad Yeah, this is going to be an awkward week since the Internet usually works in US time. Things will update earlier for a week!
  • 10:12:41: @djmayhem It can't be worse than the Rampage ending! XD
  • 10:15:23: YAY! Churros! I haven't had those in ages! <3
  • 10:42:24: @mudron Speaking of Martin McFly, have you seen this Back to the Future parody music video? http://bit.ly/17npII
  • 10:43:17: So... there is a haunted house thing at the mega mall.... YAY! I have to spend 30€ within the mall to see it... Bummer! D:
  • 15:04:44: Great I encountered a glitch in a Bionic Commando challenge and I can't complete it... :|
  • 15:16:37: Oh wait.... The challenge simply didn't explain itself well... I feel dumb now... XP
  • 21:46:01: I keep smelling something burning and thinking it's my PC, but I keep forgetting my upstairs neighbor smokes and blows it out the window.XP
  • 23:16:21: RT @whirringblender: Ok THIS IS IT! THIS IS FOR THE WIN!! Please register + vote for Gordon! (1 vote a person a day) http://bit.ly/2RDZQD

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