Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-24-2009

  • 00:14:17: Octoberween Special #15 http://bit.ly/2XjBa7
  • 00:32:05: It looks like the only PSP games I want that are coming will be import only! D:
  • 06:02:48: @ChunLievable Thank you for the #FF! <3
  • 06:13:22: I just remembered marshmallows aren't easy to find here, I might not be able to make Boo Berry Crispy Treats! D:
  • 12:46:49: @ChunLievable I sometimes dream I find a rare game in a used game store... XP
  • 12:49:27: This new Family Guy game for the i-Phone has a Mega Man parody! XD
  • 13:02:19: Aw... The Family Guy game is too short! At least you fight the chicken in the finale...
  • 22:16:50: @EverTomorrow Dali and Disney is a strange and disturbing combination... it's like puppies and chainsaws? :|
  • 23:16:11: @EverTomorrow Dali just brings me memories of eye slicing... DX
  • 23:58:26: @SisterLilBunny American McGee's Alice! <3 Is that zombie makeup I see? :3

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