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From Twitter 10-21-2009


Previous Entry From Twitter 10-21-2009 Oct. 22nd, 2009 @ 03:01 am Next Entry

  • 05:51:26: I just had my first bowl of Boo Berry Cereal! It's better than other US cereals I've had!
  • 06:46:48: @EverTomorrow There are TONS of cereals I'm sad I've never eaten.... T^T
  • 06:49:22: OUCH! The muscle around my left shoulder blade is in quite a lot of pain! T^T
  • 06:54:57: @EverTomorrow I was born in Canada and I'm pretty sure I had Donkey Kong cereal back then! Ice Cream Cone cereal!?!? WHA!?
  • 06:56:15: "Epic Mickey" doesn't look so epic anymore, but I still have hope!
  • 10:17:22: @EverTomorrow OH MY GOD! *drools*
  • 10:21:42: Hook Champ is made of awesome! <3
  • 14:55:14: Will my copy of Brutal Legend EVER arrive? D:
  • 20:55:37: Dang! A part on my back hurts a LOT! T^T
  • 23:21:51: Octoberween Special #13 http://bit.ly/1YJ8u2

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