Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-20-2009

  • 11:16:11: I love the puny title of this song! Les's Morgue! http://bit.ly/1ae7kn XD
  • 11:33:11: OH GOD! Someone sent me Franken Berries and Boo Berries! *tears of joy* T^T
  • 14:23:36: RT @SEGA Bayonetta has scored a perfecto 40/40 in the latest issue of Famitsu. Huzzah!! Congrats to the team at @PlatinumGames :)
  • 14:30:55: @badmachinery Happy Birthday! <3
  • 14:32:55: OH DEAR GOD! SO MUCH CANDY! You guys are so awesome! T^T http://pic.gd/94687d
  • 14:57:32: I just had my first Payday... I didn't know they had salty candy bars... It's pretty yummy! X3
  • 15:08:30: The Secret of The Sauce is amazingly hilarious! Noir Pizza Mystery Mishcief! http://bit.ly/43cTFB
  • 15:20:23: @Paradisacorbasi WHAT?! What have they done!? That's two puppeteers out of a job..... D:
  • 16:09:59: It look like they're having some sort of haunted house thing in the mega mall nearby! NEATO TORPEDO! <3
  • 18:56:49: Boo Berries or Franken Berries?
  • 21:44:50: So things are going to get "worse" for The Guild? I'm almost thinking of quitting until the season is over... I hate "heavy light drama"...
  • 21:47:04: And by "heavy light drama" I mean drama where you know nothing bad will really happen, yet it tries to convince you it will.... :|
  • 21:59:32: Link should not be this pretty! D: http://bit.ly/39Lo6E
  • 22:02:37: Krazy Kart Racing has finally had a price drop! Why? WHY! WHY!? Racing! (only a few will get this... XP)
  • 22:04:30: Dang! Dexter had a price drop too! Will I like it if I haven't seen the show? D:
  • 23:24:23: @haikubirdie I haven't read it in decades... :\
  • 23:29:54: Octoberween Special #12 http://bit.ly/1Wl6kZ

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