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Woah! I really milked this weekend and it's only Saturday!


Previous Entry Woah! I really milked this weekend and it's only Saturday! Oct. 15th, 2005 @ 09:57 pm Next Entry
Between yesterday and today I managed to watch all the Fu-Manchu movies, they were cool, but as I suspected, the Jess Franco ones weren't that good...

I also managed to finally beat Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, and all I can say is this game will rock your socks!!

The secret Julius mode sure was worth the extra gaming hours! It was just like playing Castlevania III!

And Then I finally beat Evil Dead Regeneration! This game is groovilicious! Specially if you are an Evil Dead fan!

The biggest downside is how short the game is...

I just made supper, after a long time without cooking I was finally alone and could make my own dinner, unfortunately the told me that I had to cook my own dinner in the last moment limiting my options... I made a burger...

My friend came today and took a truck load of manga, and gave me a present, a promotional Beyond Good & Evil camera!

It's the disposable kind and the film has expired, but it's still pretty cool... :P

I wonder if I will have time to beat Fahrenhiet tomorrow?
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