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From Twitter 10-17-2009


Previous Entry From Twitter 10-17-2009 Oct. 18th, 2009 @ 03:01 am Next Entry

  • 00:24:46: Octoberween Special #10 http://bit.ly/nPi1o
  • 09:55:43: .... Machinarium forces you to play not tic-tac-toe, not Connect 4, but Gomoku which is connect 5? I think I hate this game...D:<
  • 10:36:37: ARGH! Even if you reach a stalemate you lose!
  • 10:40:19: ..... This is ridiculous! If anybody ever manages to beat the bloody minigame, save right after and share the file, OK?
  • 10:43:44: @toblix While you wait for the game to download, go practice some Gomoku online, trust me.. You'll need it! T_T
  • 11:41:04: @ryanestrada Autofollow? Doesn't that mean you'd follo-w every b-ot that follo-ws you? D:
  • 11:41:25: FINE! I'll give Machinarium another chance.... :\
  • 11:56:26: What the?! That actually worked? Now I can finally continue to play! And the little robot dances to cheer me on! :3
  • 14:39:29: @toblix Yep, but ElMuerte's suggestion helped me and on my first try with his strategy I won!
  • 15:57:57: Machinarium beaten! Huzzah! <3
  • 19:52:55: @samanthakyle Don't you have a backup? D:
  • 20:32:34: @ja2ke It's a gibbon that you'll be monkeying around?

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