Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-15-2009

  • 00:23:29: @dcorsetto A guide by / or a day in the life of one of the characters? Guest art?
  • 00:24:51: Seth has kicked my butt enough for today... time for bed! :3
  • 05:55:44: Possibly the best compilation of kitty videos ever? http://bit.ly/tCVJs
  • 11:49:01: 1680*1050 returned without me doing anything! I missed this resolution so much! T_T
  • 12:27:32: I'm positive my electric shaver is broken, it was fully charged one moment and no the battery is empty! And this isn't the first time!
  • 12:30:20: @ChunLievable I'm seriously pondering on if he's as bad as people say. Maybe it's just been a long time since they've played a fighter game?
  • 13:04:50: @toblix My stubble is only down by 30%....
  • 13:07:51: @ChunLievable If memory serves me right the final boss of every Capcom fighting game is brutal, right from the start with Sagat in SF I!
  • 13:08:36: I just got an Ultra Combo Finish on Seth.... I'm in my happy place! <3
  • 14:24:16: OH GOD! I'm playing as Dan Hibiki! OYAJIIIIIII! XP
  • 15:12:48: I beat Seth with Dan Hibiki.... ON MY FIRST TRY?! *jawdrop*
  • 20:12:15: Hmm... should someone who is just starting to learn how to play RTS games give Warhammer Dawn of War a go? :|
  • 21:18:09: @SisterLilBunny Wasn't that going to be a live recording at a convention?
  • 21:28:10: @SisterLilBunny Does Prometheus have a schedule of upcoming cons they'll attend at their site?
  • 22:03:31: @kyubikitsy Maybe the milk went bad? D:

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