Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-14-2009

  • 00:22:02: Dammit! Thanks to @Yamiloo I can't stop watching old cartoon intros.. in Spanish! http://bit.ly/1answj
  • 00:23:36: Oops, I could swear she had a Twitter account! XD
  • 10:14:08: The problem with replacing your milk with yogurt for your cereal is that people keep eating them and leaving nothing for breakfast! DX<
  • 11:14:55: Kipi Bed Kipod from Shalom Sesame looks like the same as Espinete from Barrio Sesamo! Are they the same character or what?! 8O
  • 12:06:27: So.... Axel & Pixel is Samorost... WITH A TIMER?! What were they thinking!? DX
  • 12:46:48: @toblix I think it's per screen, it said 46 seconds when I saw it, and that's enough to beat a screen, but not fully enjoy it... |:
  • 12:50:35: @toblix Oh yeah, I do remember it had a QTE that was very generous and ended before it got annoying.
  • 12:52:02: I got lots of candy in a Jack O Lantern from @svhernandez ! Thanks! <3
  • 13:28:21: @toblix As a Shenmue fan I don't find QTEs annoying unless they aren't done well...
  • 13:36:47: Is it me or is Dyson/Eufloria Galcon with seeds? And it's more expensive too! D:
  • 18:34:42: @goraina I'm sorry to hear this. :(
  • 20:09:32: Oh, come on! How can it be possible that my copy of Brutal Legend hasn't even shipped yet! D:<
  • 20:29:37: Owie! Ingrown toe nails! T_T
  • 21:36:37: Oooh! I tuned into Kohina just in time for some Castlevania! <3
  • 22:05:12: Why is AVG blocking FailBlog!? D:
  • 22:10:51: Manic Mondays is gone, but now Bad Rapport will takes it's place! http://badrapport.com/
  • 22:25:05: @Yamino Don't you have photos and even recordings of your voice at your site? 8O
  • 22:25:37: @kyubikitsy *does Wallace pose* CHEEEEESEEEEEE! <3
  • 22:36:50: Octoberween Special #8 http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2437
  • 22:37:31: @choadmalma Fleeting? Flimsy?
  • 22:37:53: @Paradisacorbasi The Mafalda guy?
  • 22:44:15: @choadmalma Ooops! That was meant for the person who tweeted right before you....I should pay more attention before hitting "Submit"! Sorry!
  • 22:45:15: @svhernandez Fleeting? Flimsy?
  • 22:56:38: @choadmalma That's pretty difficult considering how using Twitter gives you the concentration of a gold fish!
  • 22:57:48: Ooh! I have enough time to play some Street Fighter IV! If you hearing screams of rage or terror, that means I reached Seth!

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