Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-13-2009

  • 00:01:54: @sayllama Woah! That's an impressive score! 8D
  • 05:57:50: @dcorsetto The second one! :3
  • 06:50:39: Did I just see a Lulu award nominee feature a judge in their site? Wouldn't that be a bribe? Or at least brown nosing! XD
  • 10:52:07: It's kinda hard to believe there was a time you had to explain to people what a dinosaur or a ninja was...
  • 11:31:17: @starlinex I nearly spat my tea with today's comic! TMI! XD
  • 11:59:36: @AndrewFoster Congratulations, man! <3
  • 14:16:15: I'm kinda fed up of i-Phone games that are just rip-offs of popular games.. How many Bust-A-Move clones does a man need anyway? XP
  • 14:40:18: Today's most hilarious comics goes to http://bit.ly/2fI3Ea and http://bit.ly/fFpcN XD
  • 15:12:12: Either this Cleveland show is actually funny or... it's the chocolate talking? *shrugs*
  • 15:27:19: By the way.. Those comics I recommend before? I read them BEFORE eating the chocolate!
  • 16:40:27: @kitsune_rei I'm pretty sure it was the chocolate... I read Garfield later and chuckled.... When I've had chocolate everything is awesome...
  • 19:21:18: Wanna see what a full Jamón looks like? It's like Prosciutto only better because it's Spanish! ;P http://pic.gd/65aec6
  • 19:25:54: Spain loves it's Charcuterie products! <3 http://pic.gd/d2e86f http://pic.gd/5849fd
  • 19:27:21: Dang, sorry about that! Tweetdeck uploaded the same photo twice for some reason! D:
  • 21:34:20: I'm hating this bloody Axis of Anarchy plot in the Guild... Too bad it's going to last the whole season... ):
  • 21:44:57: Destructoid just gave Brutal Legend a 6... WHAT?! That's like minus infinity in today's standards!
  • 22:30:36: @kitsune_rei I feel the need to experiment now... I have to find something that's not too funny and see what chocolate will do! FOR SCIENCE!
  • 22:49:20: I want Uncharted 2, but I can't afford it! #Uncharted2Cinema
  • 23:59:47: Octoberween Special #7 http://bit.ly/1XkHm0

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