Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-11-2009

  • 00:09:08: They've finally found the Citizen Kane of videogames! http://bit.ly/t07AG
  • 13:37:57: Hey! The Marx Brothers are still funny after all these years... I wonder if I can get into the Three Stooges?
  • 15:45:44: Hmm, I don't have that many horror games left, should I tackle Far Cry 2? It looks so huge it's daunting! D:
  • 16:48:53: I'd LOOOOVE to play Far Cry 2, but the doors never open! D:
  • 18:43:43: Hmm, I just got an email from Google saying about resetting my account, are they phishing for my password or did someone try to hack it?
  • 19:14:45: Should I try to contact Google to see if someone tried to hack my account or what? :|
  • 19:49:15: @kitsune_rei How exactly do I do it? Through their forum thing?
  • 20:32:31: Hmm.. I also got some email from Newgrounds with my password information... Did some kid at Newgrounds try to do this?
  • 20:52:23: ARGH! It's kinda hard to do pixel art with this resolution...
  • 21:45:55: @toblix I do zoom in! But every looks funny....
  • 22:10:57: Kitchen Kaos 137: Canned! http://bit.ly/3IfmCD

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