Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-10-2009

  • 10:32:35: For some reason my graphic card no longer lists the resolution I'm used to having... Which sucks... ):
  • 12:29:56: I just played RE5 with someone who couldn't speak English... It took him quite a while what I need him to do to help me beat the boss...XP
  • 13:26:30: So.... people say they won't buy your game for 2.99, so you up it to 34.99? How does that make sense? Are you being funny or what? :|
  • 19:42:21: Just a few moments ago I was in a REAL dark and creepy corridor, with creepy sounds... And a crappy flashlight (my i.Phone), and yet...
  • 19:43:57: When the lights turned on suddenly all I could say was "How survival horror-y!"... It was just mildly surprised me.... ¬_¬
  • 20:38:38: @mememolly Surfing the web in a bathtub? That's... SHOCKING! D:
  • 23:02:11: WOW! Who ever programmed Seth in SFIV deserves a hadoken to the royal jewels.... And I heard he's going to be harder in SSFIV! DX
  • 23:52:18: Huh, it looks like I finally beat Seth by giving up on special moves and just punching him in the face... *shrugs*
  • 23:52:46: Maybe I should have tried to figure out all the new moves instead of just jumping in... XP

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