Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-09-2009

  • 00:08:05: This is possibly the most amazing TF2 mod ever! http://bit.ly/ZZLF7 (I saw it at Destructoid)
  • 06:51:56: Aw man! The Moonites are going to be SOOO pissed when we bomb the Moon! They'll shoot us with their lasers very slow OF DOOM!
  • 06:56:31: Why are we using a bloody bomb to find water on the Moon, anyway? Shouldn't we use a drill or something?
  • 09:43:22: @toblix Most iPhone adventure games control pretty bad.... Even Monkey Island was frustrating at some times!
  • 12:24:51: @toblix Knowing Chris Barry voiced him ruined the game for me.. His voice makes me think he's a jerk like Rimmer or that Brittass Empire guy
  • 12:56:41: While playing RE 5 I can't help to think Capcom is confusing Africa with South America in quite a few things...
  • 14:57:39: Hmm, isn't Scribblenauts out in Europe today?
  • 17:33:16: I think I've met one of the worse RE5 players yet... I had to use all my healing items on him and he quit when I reached the boss! COWARD!
  • 17:54:23: Hmm, should I get Scribblenauts or the Bowser's Inside Story... my RPG backlog is staggering, so if it's long I'm not getting it until later
  • 23:30:41: Octoberween Special #5 http://bit.ly/6wdrb

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