Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-08-2009

  • 00:01:37: You know, it's pretty easy to telll you're T-witter s-.pamb-ots when you get 5 foll-owers in a row with the same variation on the name...¬_¬
  • 00:04:38: ARGH! MAKE IT STOP! I'm getting 5 spa-m b-ots followin-g me per minute! DX
  • 00:10:32: @spam I'm getting a ridiculous amount of spambots following me, they all have rulezownage (if it fits in the twitter name)
  • 00:11:42: @mudron Faith deserves some cake after all that jumping and running around! :3
  • 06:08:29: The C-64 Take-away podcast has updated! I get SID tunes goodness today! HUZZAH! X3
  • 10:13:57: Sometimes having people give funny voices to comics make them even more awesome! http://bit.ly/Evj2x XD
  • 12:48:59: ..... Is the 360 that was repaired a few months ago dying AGAIN?! Probably, now that I finally have some 360 games to play... ¬_¬
  • 13:16:16: Getting a green screen on your 360 means the RROD is right around the corner, right?
  • 14:28:08: Aren't bad thing supposed to come in threes? I guess if they are things that just upset you they come in threehundreds... ¬_¬
  • 14:29:43: These things wouldn't have bothered me that much if they didn't come one after another....
  • 19:35:37: What ever was wrong with my 360 is gone... hopefully for good? D:
  • 20:32:25: @tylerpage Yours is the first tweet I've seen in hours!
  • 20:47:52: @toblix Just pretty? I as afraid of that.. :|
  • 22:05:18: @Southworth I didn't even know they made a game based on that movie! It looks like some medieval thing though...
  • 22:39:18: @deantrippe Is that the sequel to Earthworm Gym? XP
  • 23:09:41: Octoberween Special #4 http://bit.ly/UYeac

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