Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-07-2009

  • 00:02:15: Otoberween Special #2 http://bit.ly/HFix3
  • 06:03:52: I caught my finger with a cupboard door when I still half asleep making breakfast.... I'm certainly awake now! XD
  • 06:15:51: What the Hell happened to Bytejacker? I used to be the place to go on YouTube for indie games, but now they're showing random shows! D:
  • 06:56:10: I just realized you can mess with T-witter bots, just use the word they look for, followed by a message that's horrible and they'll RT it!
  • 06:59:34: I know because a bot just RTed how I got hurt making break-fast and added "YUMMY!" at the end! XD
  • 13:36:43: @kyubikitsy Aww... Cute overload! >w<
  • 15:04:24: I just realized that the cereal I've been eating for years has a ridiculously high calorie count. Why didn't I find this out sooner? DX
  • 15:09:18: @toblix Nope, Kellog's Extra Muesli...
  • 15:36:12: Is it me or is there a chance that Epic Mickey might actually be epic?
  • 16:32:50: Who thought it was a good to have a timed boss expose it's weak spots at random when it's so big you can never see all weak spots at once?!
  • 16:34:13: @Southworth It's kinda sad gamers can't tell we're almost in a golden age of gaming, most think this is the worst era ever... ¬_¬
  • 16:40:14: @Southworth I'm pretty sure I paid more for some of my SNES games like Earthbound or other RPGs...
  • 19:24:58: Vote for the 2009 Lulu Awards! http://bit.ly/izZTQ I bet you can tell who I'm voting for! XD
  • 20:25:28: Angry Joe was right! This is Broketober for gamers! DX
  • 21:59:18: @poisonrational LJ does seems to make icons disappear and reappear at random.
  • 22:25:25: Best Rev Rant ever! XD http://bit.ly/3mQ8ys
  • 23:19:01: Wow! It's raining cats and dogs! I haven't seen a storm like this in ages! 8O
  • 23:22:41: I wish it wasn't so late, I'd love to be able to see this storm better... But I have to finish my comic...T_T
  • 23:35:25: @RosemaryTravale It's too short to make you feel anything?
  • 23:46:55: Octoberween Special #3 http://bit.ly/4EucZl

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