Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-06-2009

  • 00:21:49: Octoberween Special #1 http://bit.ly/2Qfq8x
  • 06:48:42: So... My computer is probably still under warranty and it can't run some of the new releases? How messed up is that?!
  • 11:21:23: The lights went out TWICE in a row! This can't be good for my PC! D:
  • 11:47:15: The lights went out AGAIN! And my connection is ridiculously slow... I can't help to think it's related?
  • 12:24:25: @danihana It's happening in the whole area, but it hasn't happened for a while, so I'm hoping it's over?!
  • 14:29:52: Huh? Does Play.com sell used games? My copy of Farcry 2 is open! D:
  • 14:40:30: Hmm, the DVD seems to be used too... Should I contact Play.com or something? I haven't even tried it yet though... |:
  • 14:58:30: @toblix At least it's a one disc game, so it won't be like that time I got Lost Odyssey and when I reached the final disc it was unreadable.
  • 18:23:23: @toblix Tell if it's any good! Although I have no complaints over Tweetdeck.
  • 18:39:11: This Scribblenaut inspired short is hilarious! XD http://bit.ly/ow3as
  • 18:48:16: Our favorite blue haired Puerto Rican lass has twitter! In Spanish! Mola mazo! :3 @YennyLopez
  • 19:31:29: This Guild is going way over my drama limit this season... Why is other guild only attacking the kid anyway? |:
  • 21:07:38: RT @CTZ: Holy god: Don't copy that floppy, the sequel: http://bit.ly/OvJG0
  • 21:30:34: @surlyqueen I bet that controller smells like a Hawaiian pizza now! XD

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