Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-05-2009

  • 05:41:22: What the.... My site has been suspended!? What the @#$%!?
  • 05:51:09: Should I redirect the site to my LIvejournal? By the time the switch takes place the problem might be fixed... :|
  • 05:55:10: I hope it wasn't hacked.... T_T
  • 06:11:28: Sigh... I guess all I can do is wait.... I still don't understand why my site account is suspended..Was I hacked? I'm too unknown for that!
  • 11:07:38: My site is back? Huh? I did nothing but notify the server? I guess it was a mistake?
  • 12:12:05: RT @dcorsetto: Alright, it ain't much, but the 4-book pack is available now! http://www.gwscomic.com More tomorrow!
  • 18:32:22: I just found out that the granola cereal I eat giant bowls of each breakfast is over 700 kcal... That's too much, right? D:
  • 18:32:59: @toblix Who's left that awesome enough for them to license? D:
  • 18:42:05: @toblix Hmm, you know what? That seems actually plausible!
  • 18:43:10: Oooh! Imagine if Telltale and Double Fine got together to make a game! How awesome would that be?! 8D
  • 19:25:12: @t4ffer Is Pratchett even interested in making games anymore? !:
  • 20:27:37: GASP! They're making a new Rocket Knight game! SQUEEE! >w<
  • 20:33:08: Piggy bath! X3 http://bit.ly/4m6YsU
  • 20:58:18: Serious Sam HD is going to be AWESOME! It has CANDY SUPER HAPPY TIME FUN MODE! http://bit.ly/JHNyc
  • 21:26:47: What kind of gamer are you? I'm a Achiever-Seeker! http://bit.ly/pL8R5
  • 21:49:42: @jim_sterling Have you visited Voice Acting Alliance? http://bit.ly/TLrKY
  • 22:00:53: Oooh! @SeriousSamHD has a Twitter account! :3
  • 23:30:03: @psionronin *spoiler alert* They are all really unicorns... from the future! Also, Ocelot marries Ursula from The Little Mermaid! >:-D

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