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From Twitter 10-04-2009


Previous Entry From Twitter 10-04-2009 Oct. 5th, 2009 @ 03:01 am Next Entry

  • 11:30:56: Great.... I didn't snack all weekend so I could go out with the family today, what I didn't know that juice I was drinking had prunes in it.
  • 11:32:03: I didn't get suspicious when I went to the bathroom so many times, I only realized what I had done when I drank half a bottle last night!
  • 11:32:36: The trip to restaurant is over an over long.... Sorry, sis, I just can't make it in these conditions.... :(
  • 19:41:23: Wow! Condemned is the first game to creep me out and scare me so much so constantly! I usually get used to the scares, but not in this game!
  • 21:06:59: Kitchen Kaos 136: Value-less Meal http://bit.ly/14eNWJ

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