Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-02-2009

  • 06:40:21: @svhernandez I hope you're feeling better! *hug*
  • 10:06:30: Dang, they fixed the hot water and the pressure, but now the water is coming out dirty! D:
  • 10:49:00: @thezombiecow They should be called "peeks" portmanteau geek nerds? Hmm, can you portmanteau a portmanteau?
  • 10:52:52: Hmm, the water is still coming out yellow-brownish... Would it be a bad idea to use it to make tea? :|
  • 11:32:30: Apparently I have to go fix a neighbor's laptop, because since I use a computer I obviously know EVERYTHING about computers..... ¬_¬
  • 20:46:14: @SFEley Congratulations! :3
  • 22:46:35: @dcorsetto Maybe McPedro should chase his stache with a net in the background? Or some silly Wil. E Coyote trap with bird seed?
  • 22:47:36: @dcorsetto Jame and Hazel in front of cover, Hazel in pain with crotch stars and Jamie ogling a girl passing by?
  • 22:52:57: Have I mentioned how much I love this site? http://bit.ly/qG4ty
  • 23:02:07: Thuggbot Page 20 http://bit.ly/12PWZP
  • 23:53:17: There's a boat in Painkiller called Lumbago, isn't that the ship from Grim Fandango? XD

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