Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-30-2009

  • 06:38:20: I don't mind that there's no hot water for my shower, but I can't take a shower if there' no water pressure! DX
  • 10:25:02: That water was a bit oddly colored... I shouldn't have made tea with it.... My tongue feels weird! DX
  • 10:33:11: @dcorsetto Aw... Is she crying because she's missing Erin? T_T
  • 10:54:52: @dcorsetto He he, Stay Puft marshmallows! I wonder if anybody else will spot this with all the... distractions? :B
  • 16:23:38: Guess who's back in the latest Tale of Monkey Island? 8D
  • 17:58:44: AHAHAHA! They added a Grog XD reference in TOMI 3! XD
  • 21:35:22: @ja2ke Am I imagining things or did Murray the Demonic Skull pick on you in the credits of TOMI? That's rather awesome!
  • 21:39:56: @toblix Dude.... He's right there on the main page! How is that a spoiler! http://bit.ly/NCXiz
  • 21:46:01: @toblix He's right there on the previews of the gallery section! Don't you watch the "I wonder what happens" toons? He appears there too!
  • 21:57:08: @toblix If you don't play it soon I might do a REAL spoiler by accident! Like how Spoiler the spoiler spoils the spoiler spoiler!
  • 22:01:45: @granulac Maybe a monocle?
  • 22:05:42: @reneengstrom Will you grow extra long nails too to complete the set? :3
  • 22:20:30: @KentHolle ..... Something lewd? 8|
  • 23:00:09: Thuggbot Page 18 http://bit.ly/ozka7

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