Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-29-2009

  • 06:45:12: It's strange to think how many things have been born from RPGs, both tabletop and the videogames ones!
  • 11:35:09: So that's what the Cow & Chicken guy is been up to? http://bit.ly/wZHsh
  • 11:41:40: Remember the guy who did that amazing Saturday Morning Watchmen cartoon? He did this! http://bit.ly/2f1mu4
  • 11:51:35: How come Steam gets the Tales of Monkey Island games BEFORE the Telltale Games site? That's insane! DX
  • 12:35:23: When I'm slightly grumpy I have the Flintstones "Angry walk" music stuck in my head.... XP
  • 13:39:14: Is it me or is this messed up?! http://bit.ly/4J1oA
  • 14:30:37: I just got the rest of the Harvest Star Wars fan comics! I see a lot of familiar names! Huzzah! <3
  • 15:00:24: Oooh! I found the cartoon with talking motorbikes! http://bit.ly/3qQI7K
  • 18:06:04: RT @poisonrational: Selling my Strangers in Paradise issues, Omnibus, original artwork, Treasury Edition: http://tinyurl.com/ybv7ekc Plz RT
  • 18:09:42: I just came back from the neurologist and... They say nothing is wrong... but they want to do more tests? YAY?! D:
  • 18:11:32: RT @ellieconnelly: So, my home was broken into last night. Here's what happened, and how you can help: http://bit.ly/1cWU7D
  • 19:29:10: How is there a Jedi religion? Aren't all the Jedi supposed to be slaughtered to make Luke the sole survivor? Is it a suicide cult? :|
  • 20:51:08: @reneengstrom You want a gold Rolex? Are into bling now?... GASP! You've become a gansta? What's your street name? Rene Rex Havoc? :3
  • 22:24:18: @reneengstrom Don't you have a SNES? Get Harvest Moon! The best farming game ever! <3
  • 22:34:13: @reneengstrom What?! That's awful! Maybe this forum can help? http://bit.ly/T7Ddc D:
  • 22:44:20: Thuggbot Page 17 http://bit.ly/3VtbYc

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