Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Am I wrong to think this is messed up?

I noticed quite a while ago that the local candy shop had been bought up, which sucked, until I realized it was going to be a used comic and book shop which is kinda cool!

The store hasn't open, I guess it doesn't have enough stock, but it does seem to have done something....

It destroyed a comic and a book to decorate it's door? That's.... disturbing! If I said it's like a pet store with a dog's pelt on it's door, I'd be exaggerating, but it's like if a game store destroyed games to make a sign! Or if I music store destroyed a record to do the same!

It might be only me, but I think it's messed up, I would never destroy a comic, a book, or a game to make some decorations... I still shudder when I see people destroying Nintendo Entertainment Systems to make toasters and such...

But that's not ALL! It gets worse!


Is that a Banana Splits comic? We had that in Spain? It must have been before I was moved...

They had a comic about talking chopper bikes and they trashed it? NOOOO! 

GAH! I don't care if these comics are bad! I could have gotten then and become the Spanish Linkara, dammit!

Wacky Racers too!? DX

I forgot the name of this cartoon, though....

You even destroyed a Funky Phantom comic! MONSTERS!

Scooby-Doo? NOOO! You monster! How could you! Is nothing sacred!? T_T

And the really messed up part?


What the H!?

What the H!?
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