Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-28-2009

  • 14:21:37: Is there such a thing as a podcast about folklore all around the world? That would be awesome! :3
  • 22:28:51: I don't know what to think of people using their Internet moniker in the credits of an audio play.... "King James played by... BadgerBoy46"
  • 23:12:15: Thuggbot Page 16 http://bit.ly/CrSpx
  • 23:23:48: @toblix I saw there was a security cable of sorts, but I was still holding my breath each time he crossed the broken parts! DX
  • 23:25:22: @Cyclophile I don't mind people using their Internet monikers as real names or nicknames, but... The number at the end is just silly...
  • 23:43:14: @toblix I don't remember Riven well enough, so I couldn't say...

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