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Jack Thompson does it again...

Jack Thompson, the game-hate, the man every gamer hates, or at least mocks, has given us even more reasons to mock and/or hate even more...

You might remember him from claiming that Sims 2 was child pron when is wasn't for saying the Washington Sniper played Halo when he was a trained soldier in rifles, saying Killer 7 is full of "pron" when the only sex scene is clothed, etc, etc....

Sigh, just look up the Wikipedia article on him....

His latest "stunt" consists of saying he will donate 10.000$ to any charity fund Rockstar choses if anybody makes a game, whew:

-The "hero's" son is killed by a gamer who goes insane after playing violent games..

-The "hero" goes on a killing spree killng the makers of the game who "killed" his son, the judges that "only" give a life sentence to the murder and so on and so on...

What on Earth are you thinking? You are against violent games, aren't you?

Do you think that people who play this game will say "Oh NO! I better stop playing games or I might murder someone?" or are going to sue who ever makes this game for being too violent?

I'm 28 years old and I've done all sort of horrid things in games, but if you ask anyone who knows me, they'll say I wouldn't hurt a fly!

Ctrl+Alt+Del tells it as it is...

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