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Another busy day...


Previous Entry Another busy day... Oct. 11th, 2005 @ 11:12 pm Next Entry
Today I went to my sister's father-in-law's factory, to leave a resume, they told me they might be have an opening for something soon...

When I got to the subway station I was supposed to get off on, I immediately recognized it as the place where I met my cousin for my sister's husband's (not back then) bachelor party...

I've always complained that the industrial zone is not pedestrian friendly and usually doesn't have any place to cross the road and no sidewalk...

This time there WAS a sidewalk, but...

It was completely overrun by parked cars! I had to walk in the middle of the road half of the time!

When I got there I wasn't sure if I could simply walk in since I saw a guard post, but with no guard, in the end I just went in and left the resume and well, left!

It was a 30 minute walk at least, and another 30 minutes the way back, thank God I brought my iPod, there wasn't a living soul around the whole journey!

When I got home I found the Play.com package had arrived with the new Evil Dead game and the Hellraiser box set which looked just like the Cenobite puzzle box! Now I'm sure Halloween will be a success!

Then I had to go deliver some more package with stuff I sold on Ebay and worked the rest of the day...

There is one thing that really cheered me up was an ad I saw in an magazine about "geeky" DVDs! They anounced the Santo DVDs,and also the Fu-Manchu and Godzilla DVDs I already have, and also they mentioned an "Ilsa" pack, which I don't really know much about...
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Date:October 13th, 2005 07:06 pm (UTC)
How weird that no one else would be around! It sounds kind of nice, really.

Good luck! :)
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