Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-20-2009

  • 11:37:23: @CTZ AMAZING! XD
  • 11:45:27: I have no hot water, this is going to be an... interesting shower? And possibly a very quick one? XP
  • 12:08:24: Hmm, that cold shower wasn't so bad! Is it true they are good for you?
  • 12:29:32: A very BIIIG man who couldn't speak Spanish, asked me if I could speak English, when I said yes he told me he had taken the wrong bus.
  • 12:31:05: He wanted money for a bus ride, so... I gave what was left over from buying the papers, I hope he was telling the truth....
  • 12:35:41: Although he was very big, I was more embarrassed than anything else... He just stood there staring at me while I bought the papers...
  • 15:51:20: We have an Asian restaurant next door! I've never eaten as much much in my life! SOOO GOOD! Although, the sushi did fall apart a bit... :|
  • 16:10:56: Eeep! In "The Revenge of Dr. X" the monster eats a puppy! Off screen, but still... T_T
  • 18:37:09: The first glitch I got in an iPhone game... and the game is made by veterans? XD http://bit.ly/2ZtDAr
  • 18:57:38: Has anybody give Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters a go yet? I think it's going to be my next Audible purchase! :3
  • 19:25:03: @AngryRabbit Which one? Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters? Samurai Way of the Warrior or Revenge of Dr X? Only Samurai is a game though
  • 19:38:50: @AngryRabbit Yeah, it's an average hack and slash that came out recently for the i-Phone, it's kinda gory and it looks nice, but that's it.
  • 21:16:46: Kitchen Kaos 134: Uncanny? http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2389
  • 21:32:02: Burger Time Deluxe on the i-Phone has the WORST controls ever! I can't even play this game! DX

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