Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-18-2009

  • 00:19:38: Thuggbot Page 9 http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2385
  • 06:06:13: Why do so many people have the T-witter bird as their avatar all of the sudden? Is it a protest or a glitch? :|
  • 06:35:54: @holecomic It looks like it a T-witter glitch. but it looks like they are slowly coming back?
  • 06:41:51: @Iron_Spike What?! Does they have mods now or something?! That's retarded! DX
  • 06:44:30: @CTZ I'd hate to admit that I can't think of breakfast without cereal, what exactly DO you eat?
  • 11:20:35: @t4ffer After trying the demo I must admit it looks boring, I don't mind the lack of polish, but if it's not engaging, they why bother?
  • 11:39:28: So does anybody want a free pass for Madballs Babo Invasion for Steam? :P
  • 11:44:50: K-ayne W-est has become the most viral meme of all time! It's seems everybody is integrating the meme into their comics or shows this week!
  • 11:45:32: .... I still think he has the name of a female country singer though...
  • 14:26:54: @Cyclophile But you must admit, that he's the most popular jerk in the world now! D:
  • 15:54:19: @SisterLilBunny It's spelled EEEEVIIIIIL! And it must end with a cackle and a thunder clap too! XP
  • 15:55:21: The problem with playing obscure games is that if you get stuck you can't find a guide or anybody to help you... D:
  • 16:50:59: @SisterLilBunny That would be purr-fect! X3
  • 16:55:41: Exodus from Earth was terrible... In an awesome way?! Specially the acting! It's RE 1 good! XD
  • 17:27:37: If my backlog ever clears up I might think of getting Metaboli... :|
  • 17:39:33: All this digital distribution is kinda confusing, how do I know a game isn't cheaper elsewhere or if it will eventually be on GameTap? :(
  • 17:48:58: Direct2Drive is US and UK only?! That sucks! I wanted to take advantage of their mad sale! D:
  • 18:06:48: @gwarek 3 years? You've got a lot of catching up to do!
  • 18:09:56: Wow... I had 14G in my desktop trash bin? I should tidy up more often! XD
  • 18:10:22: @yaytime That's still pretty damn awesome! <3
  • 19:04:37: Wow! Apparently I won TWO BMW in a row! Scammers should pay more attention... Winning the same prize twice in a dead giveaway!
  • 20:58:59: @SisterLilBunny Twitter glitched and lost a lot of user photos today. It's kinda creepy to see so many birds on my list!! D:

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