Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-17-2009

  • 00:15:47: Thuggbot Page 8 http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2382
  • 05:46:47: @dcorsetto Yes, I'm still at her page too! Have you tried contacting Twitter Support? ):
  • 06:04:10: @dcorsetto Weird, and it looks like I'm not the only one since she's gained followers since I last checked so it's not just me....
  • 06:06:58: Twin Sector looks like a Penumbra that's sci-fi instead of horror and with gravity gloves that are "inspired" by the gravity gun?
  • 06:47:27: I just realized I never ordered the newer Harvest Stars Wars fan comics! Eeep! Ordering now!
  • 06:51:51: @dcorsetto I always wonder if it's OK to interact with comic character's Twitters or should I just watch and enjoy the show? ^_^;
  • 09:35:52: @MykalWane Because I can only get it by ordering from the site? It's cheaper than going to a small press con in the US at least?
  • 14:03:40: @Iron_Spike I saw that Yoda image at pictureisunrelated.com, oddly enough, it's not the most disturbing thing there! XD
  • 19:56:19: Why do all game breaking bugs appears when you're so close to the end? D:
  • 22:44:59: M-M-Monkey Island is on s-ale at the i-Tunes app store?! What's next? Squaresoft? I think they are the only ones left who have not done one!
  • 22:50:35: Yes, I know I already have Monkey Island... On 5'25'', on Amiga, on CD and on XBLA, but.... WANT! DX
  • 22:52:06: @ChakatSilver I know they have games, but I'm talking about the terrifying mad weekend sale, every company has done one, except Squaresoft.
  • 22:54:46: OOOOOH! Monkey Island is on sale on Steam too... To celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day!
  • 22:56:34: .... I just know I'm going to buy the Steam version too.... DX
  • 23:07:14: What do you call a vehicle that carries money from bank to bank? Do they have a name?
  • 23:11:46: @Paradisacorbasi Thank you! <3
  • 23:31:38: @toblix I pity anybody who bought this game because of this awesome ad, that game is horrid.... XP

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