Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-16-2009

  • 00:00:03: @surlyqueen Since I don't even know what they taste like, I don't even know what I'm missing! D:
  • 10:27:22: Whoa! Way too soon! http://bit.ly/37bHmx
  • 10:48:25: @Paradisacorbasi I looked it up, one of the ingredients (marshmallow fluff) isn't for sale in Spain, so it makes sense we don't have it?
  • 14:24:46: @reneengstrom Aww, what a cute comic! <3
  • 16:03:04: WHAT!? My 360 now has a green screen of death? But Microsoft JUST fixed it, dammit! DX
  • 17:01:54: @mightymur What about rich spoiled people who have never worked in their life? It's still a bloody good quote though! :3
  • 19:18:19: @dcorsetto A forum! X3
  • 21:09:15: So cute it should be illegal! http://bit.ly/r9HEq X3
  • 21:13:19: @Iron_Spike Ask Ryan Estrada for tips! I bet he can find a lost city and cure a baby panda WHILE drawing a comic at the same time! :3
  • 21:38:25: @dcorsetto A forum to interact with other fans! Do you really need a comment section with Twitter?
  • 21:41:29: @thegreenavenger Nuuuu! You can't interact with the fans in a comments section! D:
  • 21:45:14: @thegreenavenger But the comments are just about the comic, you can't learn about the other fans or make friends with them that way!
  • 21:51:31: Oh, come on guys! Don't you want a GWS forum to meet and party with the other GWS fans? You can't have a sexy cacti thread with comments! XP
  • 22:01:03: @thegreenavenger Yes, but some fans would rather go to a specific forum that one with a bit about everything.
  • 22:07:43: @thegreenavenger I must admit I don't use forums as much as before, but somethings work much better in forums, like tech support.
  • 22:12:55: Team Ninja, I am disappoint! http://bit.ly/12D9eV
  • 22:16:15: @thegreenavenger Forums are usually have fans as mods, and @dcorsetto has already had a few offers to do so?
  • 22:36:03: @ysbreker I'm also pondering if I should purchase that Star Wars pack... XP

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