Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

I need Halloween Candy! Anybody want to trade or sell me some?

Halloween is getting close....

And as always... I have to beg and grovel for Halloween candy.... I NEED MAH FIX!

Spain doesn't really have Halloween, it's the day the show horror movies on TV and some people dress up for parties... But it's not a proper Halloween yet.... Sometimes we get kids who ask for candy but they don't wear a costume.... XP

Anyway, Spain doesn't have proper Halloween candy either! So...

If there is anybody out there who is willing to buy some and send them to me and I'll PayPal the costs? Or... We could do a trade?! Spain doesn't have that much candy that's actually made in Spain, we have two brands of chocolates, Spanish Smarties, Spanish M&M's, caramelized nuts that we call garapiñados... The rest is either made in Italy or Northern Europe....

What I really want is candy corn, Twizzlers, taffy, chewy stuff... Baby Ruth... That's about all the US candy I know I can name that I like?

So... if you're willing to help me out, please reply or contact me? ^_^;
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