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Project Halloweekend is looking good!

Borcha, the friend who comes every once in a while to buy some of my comics, was supposed to be coming today, I called him to confirm and he told me he was hitting the mall before, so we decided to go together since I had planned going to the mall as well...

He told we would have enough time to hit the mall and then my house to buy some more of my comics, but he was VERY tardy!

The first stop was Toy's R Us, where he spent way too time checking out toys...

(Mental note: Link him to Shortpacked!)

The place had quite a big section of Halloween stuff, I wonder if this wil be the first year that kids will actually trick or treat?

I saw quite a few cool looking horror figurines, like Jason Voorhes...

We hit ANOTHER toy store which had looks of cool monster toys and some weird "goth" dolls. I was tempted to buy a squishky/strechy monster figure, but in the end decided not to...

Then we hit the "mall" mall, were I found nothing and he spent 30 minutes talking to an acquaitence, it was now obvious that we wouldn't have time for him to go to my house to buy some of my stuff and I was going to be late, and we still didn't hid the "media mall" where I needed to go in the first place...

When we got there, there was some mini expo of EA and Ubisoft games, where we could see an Xbox 360, and lots of sports games...

Finally I was in Media Markt, where I prompty started searching for the Santo movies...

I had no luck in the Action/Suspense section, which is where they keep the horror and B movies too, it wasn't in the discount section where I found the Godzilla movies either!

Luckily they were in the hispanic movie section, and I brought my Pocket PC to make sure I had all of them... (Too bad my SD card seems to be busted)

I also found a Fu Manchu Collection Box and a Collector's Editon of Steamboy! YAY!

You can notice that I'm feeling better, right? :P

I've got the films not I need snackage, which should be easy enough, Tang and natural chips should do the trick...

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