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Battling the Backlog Week 15: Shenmue II

Since it was the US birthday of the Dreamcast last week, I thought it would be a great excuse to tackle my remaining unbeaten Dreamcast games!

Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage is basically a 3D brawler based on the manga with the same title. It... has his flaws?

For some reason you get MORE lives on harder levels and it has so many cutscenes for I moment I thought it was a Kojima game!

Just when I reached the final area I remember that I actually DID beat this game, which was good, since the final area isn't much fun...

While I still like it, I don't think it's aged that well...

Then I started Shenmue II and thought that I would be able to deal with ALL of my backlog of Dreamcast games before the week ended... If you've played Shenmue II you'll be laughing at me now... If you haven't massive spoilers await!

Still here? Good, I'll start with the bad...

Ryo controls like tank, like a character from a survival horror game!  Also, some of the mini games are dumb... Why is it so hard to catch a leaf? I'm pretty sure even I could do it better than Ryo!

And... is it me or does EVERY GIRL IN THE GAME fall in love with Ryo? What is this? Love Hina? At least he's not slipping on thing and groping them by accident....

But that's ALL the bad things I can say about the game... The game is "epic" meaning that it takes a VERY long time to beat, I've beaten JRPGs in less time than it takes to beat Shenmue II! And I never lost that much time or event that made you lose time, actually, it seems I beat it "quickly"? It's odd how a game that's so long didn't bother me....

I'm also surprised THAT I like it! Think about it, all you do is walk and talk, follow people around do some QTEs, some minor battles, you spend more time asking questions or directions than anything else.... BUT YOU DON'T MIND!

Why? Because the game feels.... Alive? Sure the city is small compared to sandbox games like GTA, but this was mindblowing back then, and I still find it amazingly mind blowing now! The cities are filled with life, the number of people are limited and you will meet the same person several times, but you'll never see the same person in the same area twice, which helps giving the cities a sense of realism.

The game starts where Shenmue left off, Ryo's dad was killed by Lan Di, who also took the Dragon Mirror, and you've followed his trace to China....

As you get off, you start your quest for revenge.... OMG! ARE THOSE TOY CAPSULES?! Screw Lan Di! I wanna Sonicu Gatchapon! <3

*several hours and several dollars later*

Remember how you could transfer some stuff from Shenmue I (I couldn't since I lost my VMUs) well... EVERYTHING gets stolen! Huzzah!   You obviously get everything back.. except your money, but this game has gambling in it!

Why do they even bother with gambling games anymore? Don't they know we just save before gambling and reset if we don't win?

I won't go THAT much into detail, but you meet a woman who thinks that your revenge will destroy and is probably in love with you... and her assistant? She's in love with you too, of course!  You eventually find out that a gang in the piers might be able to help you...

The leader of the gang decided to help. but only because he thinks he'll make a fortune by helping you. He tells you to go to Kowloon, which is like this area only more maze-like and run down....

Since Kowloon was so rundown, I  didn't like it as much... Don Niu as enormous guy who seems unbeatable seems to after the man that can help you and eventually captures him.

This part is basically the grand finale when it comes to action since it has the most QTE and combats, ending with a final battle with the big guy... who is oddly enough one of the easiest bosses in the game!

And then you reach the shortest, but prettiest part of the game, to find out the secret behind the Phoenix Mirror you go to a small village where the mirror was made.

There are no more battle, but still some QTEs, all you have to do is walk the path.... for a few days?!  On the path you meet Shenhua, with a name so close to the title you know she's important... and that he'll fall in love with Ryo.... If they ever made the final part that is....

All you do in the final disc is... talk to girl and walk in a forest... and yet, it's great! The forest seems gorgeous even by today's standards!

When you reach her house, you find out her dad was the man who made the mirrors and is who we are looking for! So you head to the quarry where they get the special stone from and.... he's gone?

But he left a secret! A replica of the mirrors! And.. the game ends.... Of course, we all know there isn't a Shenmue III and it's likely that there will never be one, but... You can almost see how it will shape out.

It's obvious Shenhua has to do with the Hang Dynasty treasure the mirrors point to and it's likely she's the princess and sole survivor and her people. Ryo now knows that Lan Di killed his father because he thinks that his father killed his father, but we'll never know the truth....

It's a shame they never made a sequel..... Sigh....

I then tried Ecco on the Dreamcast... then I remember I don't like the Ecco series... So I quit....*shrugs*

That's about it, I've been playing a bit of KOTOR ever since it came out on Steam, but I'm far from beating it... I'm loving every moment of it though!

I did order one of those new fighter gamepads, so I'm putting off all gamepad games until it arrives, so expect to see a bunch of mouse driven games next week?
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