Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Battling the Backlog Week 14: Arcade Apocalypse and Mega Man II

It looks like my collection wasn't completely entered in Backloggery.com... I had forgotten a few games.... Namely all the ones I had beaten, or at least the ones I thought I had beat.... It took nearly the first half of the week to get it all entered in!

I then saw that I had a LOT of arcade compilations that... I wasn't entirely sure I had beaten...

But fortunately arcade are short... and awesome... There is no way I'm going to talk about each of them individually, there is one way I sum up the madness of broken English, ridiculously awesome plots, disturbingly weird things going on...

A poop monster fighting a giant crab girl.... God I love these crazy arcade games!

The only thing I can say about the arcade madness is that I notice that many of on rail shooters have a scene in the end where if you mess up you have to restart from the beginning again? Wow, that's super annoying!

And then... I played Mega Man II! On the iPhone? Well, I have banned myself from replays, but I gave me the option of remakes or ports...

The game has the classic control and one more adapted for the iPhone, the only difference I noticed is the slow floatiness while jumping, you only stop the jump when you stop pressing the jump button, which makes the Bubble Man stage's spikes easier to dodge....

I also noticed that it had difficulty settings... I was curious... How easy could Mega Man be on easy?

Too easy! I chose the Metal Man stage for starters and... I killed him in seconds with three blasts!?

I kinda like easy games, but I almost felt disgusted and confused by seeing this game being so easy on easy! This is Capcom! EASY JUST MEANS THE GAMES MAKES YOU CRY LESS!

But then I realized something... this is probably the only chance I'll ever have to "bully" the Robot Masters!

This is my only chance I'll have to face a Robot Master without fear, with a hint of cockiness even!

It was the first time I discovered what "Item 3" really did, I never knew it could climb walls!

And I had all those songs based on the themes from the game running in my mind while playing it... The "I can't beat Air Man" one and all the Hyadain ones, and a few others... I was probably making up my own lyrics for most of them....

Oddly enough, there is only ONE enemy that seems to do significant damage on easy, the drops of acid / goo right before the final boss. I wonder if they simply forgotten to add them to the programming?

Anyway, Mega Man II is so amazing that's it's still fun to play when it's not challenging!

I think I might tackle the Sim games next, the obscure ones, the ones that aren't SIm City or the Sims?
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