Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-06-2009

  • 00:25:34: @boxbrown I think the games are tied to the console and not the user, so I assume it should be possible?
  • 11:20:38: @boxbrown It might be hard to find someone selling a Wii with just that game on it though, there are likely to have several game on it?
  • 12:05:14: A legal C-64 emulator on the i-Phone! YAY! It only has 5 games and the rest are extra? Well, I guess the (C) owners of the games deserve it?
  • 12:44:07: Pheonix Wright Musical on YouTube! http://bit.ly/gZ3Ws
  • 13:10:10: Is everybody in the Phoenix Wright musical a woman? I'm going to be so sexually confused after watching this! XD
  • 16:26:34: I got "the book that shall not be named" from... "somewhere".... I feel dirty and ashamed, but I want to listen to it for the lulz! XP
  • 16:35:32: I've had my i-Phone for how long? And I still have the default ringtone? That ends NOW!
  • 16:53:18: Wait... You can only create ringtones from songs you bought? That's lame! D:
  • 18:40:40: @Shortpacked He's not saying "I'M BATMAN!"?
  • 20:32:11: @MykalWane I managed to figure it out how to use the free ones actually! ^_^;
  • 20:48:39: Oh! Knight of the Old Republic is on Steam! Should I give it a go? I always thought it was an MMO! XP
  • 20:56:15: Mental note: Check if the game is on GameTap before buying it on Steam... That was a close one! XP
  • 21:52:07: @dcorsetto Aww.. was it one of those neat old school looking ones? :(
  • 22:01:10: @alyankovic I can't tell, my monitor is covered in geckos!
  • 22:05:11: @dcorsetto Do you think it can be repaired? Maybe it's just something loose? *crosses fingers*
  • 22:24:21: @dcorsetto Good luck! <3
  • 22:37:29: FARCKLE! Indistinguishable from the real thing!
  • 22:44:37: @dcorsetto That was... a ballsy thing to do! *flees*
  • 22:59:29: Good Lord, did I actually just dance to the waffle song? XD
  • 23:31:39: Kitchen Kaos 132: Eyes up here! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2362
  • 23:33:33: Do you like waffles? http://bit.ly/2ZunY

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