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From Twitter 09-05-2009


Previous Entry From Twitter 09-05-2009 Sep. 6th, 2009 @ 03:01 am Next Entry

  • 06:09:06: @beatnikturtle Is that Scott Sigler and Mur Lafferty I see in that pic?
  • 06:47:03: @beatnikturtle He, he! They are the most recognizable podcasters I know of, but I bet there are many more I'd recognize by voice!
  • 19:07:09: @blacksmithgames Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr.
  • 19:12:34: So... a Madcatz game pad costs nearly twice than normal JUST because it has a Street Fighter character on it? Not cool!
  • 22:51:14: @AngryRabbit I'm pretty sure they do count? I haven't used nothing but my current app and the message count seems to be rising?
  • 23:28:28: It looks like my PC won't be able to run SFIV properly, I'll have to choose between the normal or special 360 edition, but which to get?

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