Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-02-2009

  • 06:26:37: My podcast well has run almost dry! I only have a show interviewing someone I don't know and some ancient Superman radio adventure... :P
  • 06:29:47: It's funny how I either have too many or too little podcasts to listen to.... XP
  • 06:59:44: @MykalWane There are Batman ones?
  • 07:15:54: @kawaiinot You too? XD What do you listen to? I listen mostly to audiobooks and audiodrama! <3
  • 07:16:13: @Cyclophile Fortunately I got something at the last minute! 8D
  • 10:54:01: My stomach is killing me, but I have to something,right? I hate it when I have that "I'm hungry yet I never want to see food again" feeling.
  • 11:03:06: I'm about to eat a fluffernutter, I wonder if I'm the first Spaniard to do so? :B
  • 11:17:06: Mmm.... The fluffernutter is sticky sweet yumminess! X3
  • 15:57:38: @starlinex Awesomesauce! Does this mean you get a free copy? Or royalties? Cupcakes? A hug? :3
  • 17:25:25: @starlinex Sweet! X3
  • 19:34:55: Did C'est La Vie just make a Yenny reference? XD
  • 22:15:17: @toblix I've done that a few times... XP
  • 22:57:02: @toblix All I ever needed in game music are a few podcasts and http://www.kohina.com/
  • 23:02:11: Pun Dungeon: Roll'd http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2355

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