Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 08-24-2009

  • 07:02:56: Now that my vacation is over and I keep thinking I'm forgetting one of the things I'm used to do each morning... XP
  • 08:03:03: @thegreenavenger That's appalling and hilarious at the same time! XD
  • 14:30:16: Do you like waffles? Yeah, we like waffles! Do you like pancakes? Yeah, we like pancakes!
  • 14:31:06: It's not easy being 00 FF 00
  • 14:36:47: How did I miss this awesome G.I. Joe song? http://bit.ly/Jq88S
  • 17:01:51: Remember this Monkey Island flash movie? http://bit.ly/15g4q1The guy who made it has now made this! http://bit.ly/EFgDx
  • 19:51:00: Is it me of does Simon the Sorcerer on the iPhone skips cutscenes? D:
  • 19:59:26: Ok, it's working now... Dang, this game looks gorgeous! <3
  • 21:48:40: RT @blacksmithgames: RT: only 25 followers needed for next reduction to 1,99$ for Plushed! Follow @blacksmithgames to lower the intro price
  • 21:49:09: If that game reached 1.99 it will be an instant buy for me! XP
  • 22:48:25: Hmm, the only sci-fi spaceships from memory I can name are Vic Viper, Lord British, Star Pac and the Enterprise... :(
  • 22:55:24: Pun Dungeon: Bullseye http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2333
  • 22:56:50: @ysbreker Oh, how could I forget the Millennium Falcon! Isn't TARDIS more of a time machine?
  • 23:00:17: O.K.... How did I forget the Millennium Falcon? XP
  • 23:01:25: Ooh! And I just remembered Star Bug and Red Dwarf!
  • 23:04:22: @ysbreker I only saw the older 80's Dr. Who so I barely know about TARDIS... :(
  • 23:06:12: @Paradisacorbasi Oh! I only had to look up two of those! I've never seen Farscape and I never knew the name of the ship in Wall-E

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