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Not as easy as I thought it would be...

48 hours without a drop of theine (from Nestea), and I've noticed that I've NEVER been so tired in my life!

It's Monday, I should be "fully charged", yet for a second I was more tired than I've ever been in my life!!!!

I've been so tired, that I really didn't give a damn about anything today...

My parents thinks I'm a freakin' hypocondriac, let's see...

I used to drink 5 or more cans of Nestea, was irratable, had insomnia, etc, etc and other sympthons that apparently are normal for people who drink too much caffeine/theine...

My father even threatened to punish me! He thinks I'm faking it? What the!?!

Let's see, I drink theine and I'm a nervous wreck with insomnia....


Oh, come on! How can putting two and two together make me a hypocondriac?

I guess I'm just stingy from theine deprivation....

The bad news is... Chocolate has a small dose of caffeine as well! KHAAANNN!!!

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