Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 08-21-2009

  • 09:07:59: Hmmm, I'm watching the Auntie Pixelante Ustream... and I hear a man? Did I miss something? :|
  • 09:18:59: I know I could ask him/her myself, but it feels so awkward.... Everybody else says she's female though... :|
  • 11:34:59: @poisonrational Is that what I think it is? 8O
  • 11:37:38: I just came back from cleaning the store, I had enter that cramped crawlspace... which had a roach AND spider nest!
  • 11:40:38: Crawling with countless creepy crawlers close to my cranium was cracking my confidence! D:
  • 11:45:00: This is getting ridiculous! Am I the only one getting two or three new spam accounts each hour? And they are all the same! DX
  • 15:47:10: I just finished the latest Telltale Monkey Island game, it was even funnier than the last! I wonder that they'll do after Monkey Island?
  • 15:52:15: @toblix Where? Maybe it's were I got stuck for a while?
  • 15:55:38: @toblix One of your items will help you find the buried seahorse, if you know how to use it, there is a clue for the other one on Roe Island
  • 16:40:41: @toblix Think about it, you have an item that can be found even if buried!
  • 17:10:32: @t4ffer OK, I was being pretty vague on purpose though! ^_^;
  • 17:11:23: Wow! Shadow Complex is still fun on Insane difficulty! And I never play on hard! But I want to reach level 50! XP
  • 17:34:59: @toblix You mean the ice beam? ;P
  • 17:52:32: Oooh! This is my third replay of shadow complex and I'm still discovering new way to use the foam! 8D
  • 20:37:13: I just beat the hardest boss in Shadow Complex on Insane! Whoa! I think I might actually make it now! 8D
  • 23:18:53: @toblix Yeah, the hint system is kinda lame in that game.... it's ALL he says! XP
  • 23:48:49: Pun Dungeon: Island Retreat http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2329

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