Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 08-20-2009

  • 00:17:43: I'm so tempted to stay up late playing Shadow Complex....
  • 01:36:59: I beat Shadow Complex? NOOOOOO! I didn't even find all the parts! How is this possible! T_T
  • 01:43:57: @poisonrational I just replied! :3
  • 07:45:48: How on Earth did I get TEN spam accounts following me in a row? D:
  • 09:10:10: Great... There is a MISSABLE item in Shadow Complex that you only have one chance to get... Huzzah? D:
  • 09:11:23: It doesn't really matter since it looks like you need to play the game at least more than once to reach level 50! XP
  • 17:01:26: @toblix I'm already on my second playthough something I rarely do lately! XP
  • 21:00:37: Once you get 100% in Shadow Complex you're almost unstoppable! I switched to the hardest mode and I'm NOT DYING! 8O
  • 22:31:58: I'm so tempted to get Gangstat, the iPhone GTA clone by Gameloft, but I'm worried it will be on sale later.... D:
  • 23:32:06: Pun Dungeon: Root Beer http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2327

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