Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 08-19-2009

  • 10:07:20: I kinda don't want to go to the movies... the only options left are basically two hours of explosions... :|
  • 10:14:42: Apparently they're taking me to the movies whether I want to or not... Oh, well, at least I'm not paying.... :|
  • 10:31:02: I just remember I dreamed of superheroes last night... I was on a mission with Cat Woman and I'm not sure of the rest of the group... #dream
  • 12:07:53: @Iron_Spike I'm sure some will join it just for the "Lulz" and drama they hope to create?
  • 12:08:32: Dammit, shouldn't that Metroidvania game be out by now? D:
  • 14:29:43: Shadow Complex IS like a metroidvania game... with machine guns? So far I'm enjoying it! :3
  • 17:16:15: My only complain about Shadow Complex so far is the bosses, they are so... dull? :|
  • 17:22:47: Huh, wouldn't you know, the next boss I encounter is actually fun! XP
  • 17:38:26: Komani is making a racer for the iPhone.... Now you can race as Pyramid Head, Sparskter and others in a cutesy racer! http://bit.ly/1EumJs
  • 21:30:07: @AWDtwit But a Let's Play without commentary is just a longplay, right?
  • 21:31:27: I've just come back from seeing G.I. Joe: NANOMITES DUNNIT! They got a little carried away... Did I mentioned I was forced to watch it? XP
  • 21:33:37: I wish I stayed home and played Shadow Complex... ¬_¬
  • 22:02:39: @surlyqueen We do have an American food store in the capital, maybe they have it there?
  • 22:43:03: @djmayhem You mean Poison? Her gender changes depending on which version you play...
  • 23:53:15: Pun Dungeon: Float http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=2325

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